• "Visa free" shore excursions.

  • Great churches and cathedrals.

    Great churches and cathedrals.

  • White nights period.

    White nights period.

  • Amazing palaces

    Amazing palaces


Our services

  • Rent a Lada 2103
  • The Lada 2103! A real Russian car The Lada 2101 was one of the most popular Russian cars, the 2103 was the luxury edition of the 2101.
  • Rent a GAZ 24 Volga
  • The GAZ 24 Volga! A Russian experience The GAZ 24 followed after the GAZ 21 and was popular among business people and as taxi.
  • Rent a GAZ 21 Volga
  • The GAZ 21 Volga! A Russian icon The GAZ 21 is a real Russian retro car, the beautiful round shapes make it popular for weddings, photoshoots, tours and among collectors.
  • Other transport services
  • Not only classic Russian cars! Transportation for everybody Modern cars, minivans and buses. We provide transport for all groupsizes and all your demands.
  • Guides in many languages
  • Guides! Many languages available We can provide guides in many different languages. The most used languages are Russian, English, French, German and Spanish. Need a guide in another language, just ask for the possibilities.
  • Hotels
  • Hotels! Small and big, simple and luxury All our hotels have good ratings and we personally inspect them to assure a good qulity and comfort.
  • Tickets
  • Tickets! Entransce to museums and theatre for the free time in the city we can provide tickets for ballet, opera, concerts and events. During the tours the guides will have the entrance tickets to the museums you will visit.
  • Excursions
  • Excursions! Something for everybody If you are here for a few days and want to see the highlights, when you have been here before and want to see/do some unusual or when you are here with a company for team building, we have programs for everybody.
  • Visa free tours
  • Shore excursions! Visa free tours When you arriving in Saint Petersburg by cruiseship you can't just leave the ship. We provide full programs for 1, 2 or 3 days in and around Saint Petersburg.

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office 305
198095, St. Petersburg
Russian Federation


info@russiancartours.com (RU-ENG)

jacco@russiancartours.com (ENG-DU)

Phone numbers

+7 812 56 56 543 (RU-ENG)

+7 812 56 56 544 (ENG-DU)

+7 952 276 40 40 (ENG-DU)

Recent News

St. Petersburg international Economic forum 2020 cancelled

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum cancelled

The organizing committee of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum decided not to hold the forum in 2020, the chairperson of the SPIEF organizing committee, Andrei Belousov told reporters onRead More …

St. Petersburg at night

Saint Petersburg is a fascinating city and at night time it becomes even more beautiful. Most people use their mobile phones these days during their travelling to make photo’s andRead More …

uefa euro championship 2020

Uefa Euro championship 2020

In June and july 2020 the Uefa Euro championship is hold. 3 group B matches and a quarter final are in Saint Petersburg.Around these dates you have to keep inRead More …

9 may – Victory day

The second world war is called “the great patriotic war” in Russia. The Russians celebrate the victory on nazy Germany in 1945. This year, 2020, it’s 75 years ago thatRead More …


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