About us

I am Jacco Hendrikx.

In 2013 i fell in love with the city Saint Petersburg in Russia and 1 year later i started selling tours tot his city. First as travelagent and later as touroperator.
My tours are not only related to Saint Petersburg anymore but also visit Moscow, the golden ring and Karelia.

The number 1 sales at this moment is a tour or excursion with a UAZ Bukhanka as transportation vehicle in and around Moscow.

For Saint Petersburg i have been searching for some time to a company that can offer services with Russian cars.
When i was having coffee with an incoming touroperator (DMC) and they wanted to sell my tours with the UAZ Bukhanka i knew i had to do something with this request and started thinking about starting a company in Saint Petersburg with Russian cars.

With a wide experience in logistics, transportation and as touroperator I am convinced that we can start a good company with special tours/excursions and services in Saint Petersburg.

We discussed the plans with incoming touroperators, hotels, conciërgeservices and potential travellers and the responds were very positive. The first companies already agreed on working together after the start.

The start of our services is planned in the second half of 2019.