On this page we show you the cars we have planned for start using in the first year. The vehicles that are directly available from the start will be announced later, the other vehicles will be available within 1 year after starting.
During the opening event all available vehicles will be present and you will have the possibility to check them.

The images used on this page are only to illustrate the brand and type and are not the actual cars we are using.

VAZ (Volzjski Avtomobilny Zavod)

VAZ (better known by the export name Lada) was a co-operation between Italy and the Soviet Union.
The factory was started in the end of the 60’s in co-operation with FIAT what resulted in the first model (2101) what was based on the FIAT 124 and what was build from 1971.

VAZ 2101

VAZ 2101

The 2101 is build from 1971 till 1983 in the completely new factory in Toljatti. The exportname was Lada 1200.

With a yearly production of 350.000 cars this was a big succes from the start.

VAZ 2106

VAZ 2106

The VAZ 2106 is build from 1976 till 2006. The export name was Lada 1600.

This was the most succesfull model from VAZ/Lada.

GAZ (Gorkovski Avtomobilny Zavod)

GAZ started in 1929 under the name NNAZ as co-operation between Ford and the Soviet Union. 
GAZ has build cars, busses, trucks and machines in co-operation with several carbrands.

GAZ M21 – Volga

GAZ 21

The GAZ M21 was build from 1956 till 1970. This was the first model with the name Volga.

It was the largest en most luxury car that was sold in the Soviet Union in large numbers.

GAZ 24

GAZ 24

The GAZ 24 was build from 1967 till 1992. This was the successor of the M21 and was almost as width and long but a lot lower as the M21.

The equipment was clearly focussed on the use as taxi or high employee car.

GAZ 69

GAZ 69

The GAZ 69 was build from 1952 and from 1956 as UAZ 69. In 1970 the production was finished in the Soviet Union.

However this 4×4 vehicle was build long after the second world war it is a great car for the “Siege of Leningrad” tours.

UAZ (Oeljanovski Avtomobilny Zavod)

The factory was founded in 1941 for the Soviet army as reaction on the German attack.

The brand is mostly famous for the 452 (Buchanka) model which is build from 1965 and is still being build these days for several purposes as police, ambulance, schools and army.

UAZ 2206

UAZ 2206

The UAZ 2206 from the 452 series is the model for person transportation. This minivan is a grat experience for groups and offers 8 seats + a driver seat.

Our Buchanka’s will be equiped with airconditioning and a audiosystem for the guide.

UAZ 2206 Expedition

UAZ 2206 Expeditie

The UAZ 2206 Expedition style will be changed on the outside to look more adventurous for adventurous excursions and travelers.

This Buchanka will also be equiped with airconditioning and a audio system for the guide.